A custom designed home with unique accents shows that the interior is a seamless translation of the customer's wishes shows. The client created a house with warm, wooden elements that he has pulled through the whole house. With Xillo's integrated lighting and audio, he also subtly focused on all the essential elements.
The house is also equipped with a the all-encompassing and ingenious Duotecno home automation system. This allows all the technology to be easily linked together. Controlling the lighting, composing atmospheres, automating repetitive tasks, controlling the temperature, controlling the curtains, camera surveillance and alarm, multi-room audio systems... All are controlled from one central point. With a modern, powerful network environment, the possibilities are almost endless. The client can easily control all this via a clear, modern touchscreen, an app on his smartphone or tablet.
Of course, audio and video are part of the home automation system. In the living room, Loewe is linked to the Bose Lifestyle surround system. With the built-in audio systems in the ceilings of lighting manufacturer Xillo, the owners also enjoy music in the kitchen, dining area, living room, bedroom and bathroom. This ensures that the pleasant atmosphere is maintained everywhere.