Francesco Balzano is a French designer whose work, in his own words, is 'a permanent tribute to the beauty of timeless things'. For him, simplicity is what ensures the ultimate timelessness, combined with noble materials and pure lines. For his latest collection he joined forces with one of our partners: Van Den Weghe.

Balzano has previously designed furniture and decorative pieces that were produced by Van Den Weghe. The Belgian company regularly collaborates with artists and designers to produce objects and furniture from natural stone. Balzano's new collection, called 'DOLCE', consists of various tables and seating furniture in a beautiful, multi-coloured marble, with the appropriate name 'Quattro Stagioni' ('four seasons'). ‘DOLCE' refers to the soft, round shapes of the objects with which the designer wants to highlight the beauty of this specific natural stone. Thanks to the simplicity of the shapes and the noble character of the material, Balzano is once again able to design sophisticated and timeless pieces of furniture.