No, this is not the latest creation of Santiago Calatrava. Nor is it a newly released image of a future project. You wouldn't expect it, but this building has existed for 15 years! Moreover, the design for this concert hall in Santa Cruz on Tenerife was already presented in 1991 and yet it still looks as visionary as it was then.

We’re not too proud to admit this, but we at Imagicasa are really big fans of this Spanish architect. And by taking these images from under the dust, we want to prove that he is not just someone with a few great ideas. Calatrava really belongs to the world top and although he has reached an age where no one would blame him if he retired, he’s nowhere near making that decision.

Calatrava started his career mainly with designing bridges and installations, but occasionally you will find buildings in his early portfolio. The 'Adan Martin Auditorio de Tenerife – with an auditorium with 1800 seats and a smaller room that can seat 400 people – was inaugurated in 2003 and has since become a real architectural symbol for the Spanish island. The building is made entirely of concrete. The dramatic wave that reaches over the whole is a nice reference to the location: at the waterfront, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.