After living in New York City for seven years, this family decided to return to Los Angeles. However, it was not easy to furnish a house with influences from both coastal cities. That's why they asked designer Sheena Murphy of Nune for help.
The 1920 house should reflect the love for both cities. Murphy therefore combined works of art and objects reminiscent of the family's time in Brooklyn with the casual-cool Californian style.
Murphy's favourite part of the design is bringing the outside world inside. The strategically placed plants, the framed windows and the greenery make the spaces feel fresh and natural and you feel connected to the environment. The finishing touch in the house are the hanging plants in the living room.
Murphy is a true expert in creating neutral spaces. She mixes warm and cold elements with a colour palette of grey, indigo, black, brown and cream colours. The layered textures such as brass, copper and unfinished wood take this home to a higher level. All these different elements arouse interest and keep the eyes moving.
Throughout the house you will find a black frame. Murphy wanted to create a strong contrast with this and make every room stand out. The modern taste of the family was combined with the contemporary and industrial style to create an authentic and modern yet comfortable home. Even in the children's room it becomes clear that the designer of Nune has an eye for detail. 
By combining the different periods and styles, a timeless home was created.