Frauke Meyer, director of the French design studio Liaigre, was asked a few years ago for a housing project in Munich. Together with Powerhouse Company she created the ultimate avant-garde project.
The owners of the housing project had a clear vision of what their home should look like: urban, striking and modern. They knew Liaigre's work and didn't want anything that already existed, they wanted something customized for his family. After discussing the preliminary details, Meyer immediately started working. At that time, the house was built by the Dutch architectural firm Powerhouse Company. The firm is known for its careful designs and daring buildings. According to Meyer, the boys from Powerhouse Company were still very young but quiet and they listened to the customers, which is very important.
Studio Liaigre was involved in the construction of the house from the very beginning. Meyer and her team wanted to bring the outside in by using the right materials. They wanted the stone facade to continue in the house and run along the wooden floors. The owners had specific requirements regarding the interior design: they absolutely did not want white walls and also a bowling alley was on their list.
The house is over 36.000 square meters and has four floors, the staircase that connects all floors is truly the heart of the house. On the top floor, children can have fun in the swimming pool. The enclave is completely closed on the side of the street and completely open in the back so that the natural light can shine in all day.
The house tells its own story through all the different materials used. Perhaps the most striking material is the beautiful green Italian Onyx used in the kitchen. The owners also call the room the "bar-espresso room" or the "informal kitchen" where the children eat. Different material choices and careful finishes create dynamic textures. The floors in the house are mostly made of wood, in the master bedroom you will find a patinated white fireplace and in the main living room a patinated bronze-one.
The project took about 2.5 years to complete and according to Meyer the cooperation with the customers went very smoothly. Because they knew in detail what they wanted, there was a smooth progress of the works. Both the house and the furniture are very modern and you imagine yourself in a peaceful coziness.