Long Island is a popular holiday resort with several holiday homes, Bellport House is one of them. The 4.800 square meter house was designed by architect Toshihiro Oki from New York and has a nice view over Bellport Bay. If you take a closer look at the house, you can see that a lot of attention has been paid to the details.
Oki created an extraordinary facade by stacking clay bricks in a random order, the different colours were used to break through the stiffness. In addition, the architect chose clay bricks because of their durability against the salty ocean air and the alternating freezing and thawing periods in winter.
Four of the five bedrooms are on the ground floor. The upstairs suite has its own terrace overlooking the beautiful landscape with a lake behind it. The master bedroom is located on the other side of the building and is connected to the rest of the house by a narrow corridor. Furthermore, all bedrooms have sliding doors so guests can go outside without having to cross the whole house.
The large glass walls in the house provide an extra beautiful view of the surroundings. There are also skylights that brighten up the interior spaces and provide natural light. The heated travertine floors provide thermal comfort during the harsh winters.
The kitchen is also located in a separate room and opens onto the garden where guests have access to the pool. On the other side you will find the open living and dining room which border the library. The lounge is separated from the other rooms by a double-sided fireplace. In this way the guests can fully relax. The perfect place to relax during your holiday.