30 years of expertise in natural stones”

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The reference point for natural stone? That's the Belgian company Beltrami. For more than thirty years, they have been supplying this building and decoration material in all sorts, sizes and finishes. And always with the promise of quality and durability, which you can discover for yourself in their impressive showroom in Harelbeke. With their rich expertise, Beltrami knows how to realise the countless possibilities of natural stone and the unique wishes of each customer.

International natural stone professional Beltrami travels the world in search of the most exclusive, distinctive and sustainable natural stone. With 30 years of experience, Beltrami has the perfect expertise and expertise in the natural stone sector to find the right materials for your indoor or outdoor project.
"Natural stone, with its whimsical lines and varying colour palette, is a very fascinating decoration material."
What does Beltrami stand for?

"We mainly stand for innovation and quality, enabling us to test new applications, deliver special formats and unique finishes and of course guarantee exclusive and high-quality natural stone. Innovation is of course a verb, in every business process everything must always be right and we therefore closely monitor the entire process. This allows us to intervene immediately if necessary."
What does natural stone mean to you?

"For us, natural stone is not a product but a passion. Every quarry is different and has its own story and history. Everyone who has natural stone in their home will notice that the stone lives, it even lives with you. There is partying, spilling and working on the floor and at every beautiful moment the floor or wall is a silent witness. After a while, every customer will see his life story in the lines of the stone. Moreover, anything is possible with natural stone. Most materials are bound to standard formats and industrial limitations, but natural stone only depends on nature. It is simply an organic, pure and daring product."


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