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Laluna supplies telescopic (pool) roofs that can be opened in good weather and closed in bad weather. In this way, you can always enjoy your pool. Over twenty years ago, Jack van der Put started designing, building and cleaning swimming pools. So, Jack knows better than anyone what it's like to maintain a swimming pool as optimally as possible.

In the meantime, Laluna has grown into a professional team of specialised employees. Hundreds of satisfied customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are already swimming under their roofs.
"Safety, quality and ease of use are always paramount."
A personal approach, transparency and customization are always central. Most of the roofs supplied by Laluna are used over swimming pools, they keep the pool clean, they heat the pool water and cover it safely. Many users of a pool roof often swim under the hood, because it is completely out of the wind and nice and warm. Research has shown that the user would not like to miss the hood, especially in our climate. In addition, their system is increasingly being used as a telescopic veranda. As soon as the first rays of sunshine emerge, you can slide the roof and walls away at the same time and enjoy the sunshine.

"Each pool and garden has a different pool roof. That's why we constantly deliver custom-made solutions."
A low, high or terrace roof? A team of six enthusiasts is ready to give you tailored advice so that you can make the right choice. All roofs are equipped with the latest technologies and are made of the highest quality. So you can enjoy your pool for (almost) all year long!

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