Stijn Vereeken

A convergence of the designer’s vision and my own approach of the project”

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Photography offers him the opportunity to merge his own creativity with that of others, and exactly that is what makes his job so interesting, our partner Stijn Vereeken tells us. In his strong creative vision, important places are reserved for long-term partnerships, his interest in graphic design, and getting to know other forms of artistic work.

A convergence of the designer’s vision and his own approach of the project, that is how Stijn Vereeken would describe his work. The interior and architectural photographer was trained in graphic design, something you can see in his photography style. According to him, projects deserve to be captured with a graphic eye, since that way of photographing reinforces the idea the (interior)architect had in mind. ‘What mostly attracts me in this job is that I get to express my own creativity by visualising other people’s creative work in an aesthetically pleasing way.’ The photographer likes to establish long-term relationships with the partners he works with, because it creates mutual trust, which he values very highly. This way of working also has many advantages for the client. By continuously choosing the same photographer, the client develops a recognisable visual identity. Next to collaborations with (interior) architects, Vereeken loves to work with their partners, such as the companies that are responsible for the painting work or the door and window fittings. These are elements that are less obvious at first sight, but they can strongly influence the end result. Finally, he enjoys interesting collaborations with advertising agencies, because these commissions offer him the assurance that his work will be used in a respectful and aesthetic way. Photography is a never-ending learning process, because each project needs a slightly different approach. He mainly finds inspiration in other art forms. ‘Discovering work by other creatives is an interesting and magical experience,’ the photographer tells us. He frequently visits art exhibitions and has a great interest in graphic design and branding. When it comes to the world of cinema, he also likes to stay up to date with the latest films. Composition, light, and colour blend together simultaneously, making cinema the perfect place for inspiration. ‘My most recent discovery? Climax from the Argentine director Gaspar Noé.’ It is clear that Stijn Vereeken knows where he wants to go with his work. Each time, he impressively highlights the beautiful projects of others, and we will do the same on this partner page with his photography. We are already looking forward to what the future will bring for him. Header image and images 2-4: interior design by Wendy Verstrepen, craftsmanship by De Maatwerker, stone by Verbaendert Natuursteen, furniture by RR Interieur, lighting by, paint by Indico Painting
Images 5-7: interior design by Infinity Creations
Images 8-11: floor by Liquidfloors, interior design by Studio Styl
Images 8-14: interior design by Luypaert Interieur, architecture by Bernard De Clerck
Images 15-17: Pebbles Collection by Studio Vervloet at restaurant Fine Fleur in Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp, interior design by Dennis T'Jampens, craftsmanship by De Wever Interieur, paint by Texture Painting

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