Every year during the IMM fair in Cologne, the Pure Talents Contest is organised. This year was already the sixteenth year that this internationally renowned design competition for young designers took place. The Pure Talents Contest is intended exclusively for young designers who are still studying or have just graduated. This gives them the opportunity to immediately start a successful design career and make a name for themselves in the design world. Imagicasa is happy to show you the winners. All are design talents to keep an eye on the next few years.

1st place: Ilja Huber with 'Baschnja - Light divided into three'
The Russian Ilya Huber studied product design and experimental design at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg, where he obtained his Master's degree in 2018. During his studies he did an internship at Mykilos in Berlin and Kaschkasch in Cologne. For his last project in his master's programme, he examined the issue of lighting atmospheres in living spaces. He had the idea of designing a light fixture that would allow individually adapted lighting of the space. His three-part 'Baschnja' can be divided into individual light sources and placed freely in the room. This allows users to create the exact lighting atmosphere they want.

2nd place: Christian Cowper with 'Bench Gang - Let's play'
The passionate Christian Cowper takes a mindful, competent approach to design. He combined his talent with Claudia Surrage to form Phat Design together. They want to express an exciting, carefree and fresh attitude to furniture and product design. With the playful and simple design of the 'Bench Gang' benches, Cowper illustrates the raw and pure qualities of fun and play. He brings a humble bench to life. This project investigates the mental benefits of play, something we increasingly neglect as we get older.

3rd place: Julian Marticke with 'A Day At Zoo - Zoo for at home'
Julian Marticke was born in Germany and first followed a training to become a carpenter. He gained experience as a furniture maker in Münster and has been studying at the International School of Design in Cologne since 2017. His 'Day at Zoo' project consists of geometric, colourful wooden blocks that he brought to life. It's all about decoration and play. The blocks contain magnets so they can be combined to form animals or fantasy creatures. It can serve as a show piece on the dining table, a distraction in the office or as a toy. The animals are a constant source of fun for young and old.
Some other nominees whose names we might also encounter in the design world in the futur are Rongjie Yang, Riku Toivonen, Kevin Gerstmeier, Bastian Thürich, Aylene Ruschke, Zohair Zouirech, Alice Guidi, Joe Smith and Julian Ribler.