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He strives to create an enriching experience”

  • Architecture & development

Listening, absorbing and analysing are the most important tasks for our new partner Bart America when assisting clients in realising their specific project. As an architect, he wants to create an enriching experience for both parties, himself and the client.

With more than a decade of experience, he has been able to develop his own design language and experience has taught him that a detailed A to Z approach produces the most rewarding results. Past projects together with different impressions from his continuous travels help him to stay inspired and discover new perspectives. Bart America strives to correctly interpret the context of each assignment, this together with views on life and work and a never-ending quest for the essence and beauty of materials and their proper use. In doing so, he aims to create an end product that is sincere and functional, yet exudes timeless beauty and passion. Many of Bart's projects can be described as "serene and open", which he attributes to the fact that the homes are often open to the natural elements and flooded with light. In general, his style can be described as authentic, transparant and tranquil. Bart follows the belief that refinement should derive from simplicity and we can agree with that! We are therefore curious to see what the future holds in terms of further projects for Bart. Header image: photography by Cafeine
Image 2 - 13: photography by Cafeine

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