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Imagicasa is proud to consider developer ION one of his partners. The company has a high reputation in Flemish real estate and is committed to improving living experiences on a daily basis. We proudly introduce this company as new partner of Imagicasa.

ION was founded in 2011 by Davy Demuynck, Kristof Vanfleteren en Paul Thiers. Since then, the property developer and real estate investor has experienced spectacular growth. The company has grown into a company with 140 employees and, in addition to the headquarter in Waregem, has opened offices in Brussels, Antwerp and Luxembourg. ION delivers residential projects but is also active in the office market, hospitality, and student and senior housing. They are specialised in mixed complex projects, this in speculative developments as in Public-Private-Collaborations (PPC). Moreover, they are available for projects tailored to the customer. With their project development, ION tries to be an innovative added value to people and their environment. In this process, sustainability has the utmost importance for them. They develop durable projects that positively influence the climate and intent to allow their clients to live and work responsibly in an easy manner. They do this by, among others, committing to heat grids, green mobility and green roofs. Next to this, change is a driving force behind their realisations. Namely, the project developer always strives for improvement and consistently employs the newest techniques. By choosing for bold architecture and implementing a new way of working, they succeed in setting themselves apart. Finally, ION characterise themselves through the design. Their projects are without fail simple and qualitative. These core elements are continued in everything, in the designs themselves as well as in the work environment and the surrounding communication. We already wrote an article about this interesting company, more specifically about the podcast they launched. That is to say, ION was the very first in the Belgian real estate market to create an own podcast, which got the appropriate name of ‘Real Estape’. Each two months, they sit down with an expert and discuss a relevant topic that can fascinate consumers, professionals, and investors. In this way, ION was able to strengthen his position as innovative real estate player and did so in an educative and entertaining manner. Thus, it is all but illogical that Imagicasa looks forward to starting a partner relationship with ION. We are curious about future projects of this developer and promise to regularly update our readers.

Images courtesy of ION

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