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Every interior and project maintains its individuality at Pilar Shoots”

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Our new partner Pilar Shoots is a promising force within interior and architecture photography. We proudly present the man behind the camera and look forward to what this collaboration might bring in the future. The profound passion and the precision that Pilar Shoots incorporates in every commission has already impressed a large public in the past.

Thibault Debaene is the man behind Pilar Shoots, the company he started a few years ago as a one-man business in Sint-Andries. In the meantime, he has been able to build up a loyal customer base that is spread all over Flanders, and among which he can also count Imagicasa. With his passion for architectural and interior photography, Thibault Debaene loves to convert all kinds of beautiful projects into images in the best possible way. What started as experimenting with a camera grew into a beloved hobby with which he attracted several high-end brands. He had the opportunity to work with Land Rover, Rituals and Lexus, among others. Eventually, during the Covid-19 pandemic, he decided to go in a different direction, namely photographing interiors, architecture and real estate. Since then, he has not looked back and names such as Vers Interieur, RR Interieur and nōmar architects have already passed through his lens. In the future Thibault Debaene hopes to grow even further with Pilar Shoots; he hopes to work with the most experienced and creative designers and would love to take care of projects abroad as well.

Strong balance thanks to facinating interplay of lines

At Pilar Shoots, each interior and each project retains its individuality. Thibault Debaene always ensures that the materials are used to their full potential. Nevertheless, throughout his portfolio one can distinguish some overarching characteristics that are inextricably linked to the house style of Pilar Shoots. The images always have a calm and homely atmosphere that looks timeless. At the same time, his style has an abstract edge to it and he often engages in an interesting interplay of lines in which both symmetry and asymmetry are present. Furthermore, he knows how to create strong combinations by emphasising the right furniture and design. His way of working naturally goes beyond the photos themselves, as the relationship with (interior) architects at Pilar Shoots is developed with the greatest care. This is not surprising, as Thibault Debaene is convinced that mutual trust and knowledge of the other person's priorities and wishes are essential. The combination of his professional approach and recognisable style makes Pilar Shoots an absolute added value for Imagicasa. We hope to be able to assist Pilar Shoots in further developing a high-quality portfolio and a varied future. Without a doubt, there are great things to come from our cooperation and Imagicasa is curious where this interaction will take both parties. Header image
Stone: Van Den Weghe / Furniture: RR Interieur / Table: Armand & Francine

Images 2-3
Interior design: Vers Interieur / Craftmanship: De Coene / Furniture: RR Interieur

Image 4
Interieur: Sur Mesure Interieur / Marmer: Potier Stone / Licht: Tekna / Tafel: Bieke Casteleyn / Meubels: Classo Interieur & Locas

Images 5-6
Interieur: Chrisma

Image 7
Interieur: Wendy Verstrepen / Haard: Metalfire & Roger Van Dale / Steen: Verbaendert Natuursteen / Licht: / Interieur inrichting: Devos Interieur & Verfaillie-Snauwaert

Image 8
Interior design: AD Office / Unicus: Unicus Pavilions / Stone: Hullebusch

Image 9
Architecture: PVM Architects

Image 10
Interieur: Sur Mesure Interieur / Uitvoering: De Maatwerker / Steen: Potier Stone / Kraan: RVB


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