Stéphanie Mathias

Subjective images with a vision”

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We are delighted to present you to our partner Stéphanie Mathias. Her love for timeless interiors was instilled in her by her parents. At the end of 2021, she finally decided to pursue her passion as a photographer, and since then, under the motto "capturing atmospheres", she has made it her goal to perfectly capture the atmosphere of every room.

Growing up among interior design books as a child, Stéphanie Mathias' passion for beautiful interiors was born. Years later, after the birth of her son, she received a camera as a gift from her husband, with which she was constantly experimenting. She discovered that photography made her happy and also rekindled her keen interest in interiors while decorating her own home. The covidcrisis gave her time to further explore both passions and learn more about the photography profession. She is, in other words, also a self-taught photographer, which makes her beautiful work even more impressive. She started as a photographer in a secondary occupation, but thanks to her perfectionism and perseverance, managed to make it her main occupation after only a few months. Above all, Stéphanie tries to bring warmth and life into every image. According to her, photography is all about feelings, but the architect's vision is not forgotten either. Searching for the right perspective and the perfect composition are fundamental, she says. Above all, a photo should radiate the personal soul of the space and should not be too sleek. Finally, she emphasises that every image is subjective: it is therefore important to her that everyone can let their imagination run wild and further imagine what the rest of the room in a picture looks like. Stéphanie enjoys all stages of the working process: both taking the photos and selecting and editing them make her very happy. She does, however, have a slight preference for the moment when she walks around the room to find the perfect (often surprising) perspective for an image, while slowly building up that image by removing elements. She calls herself very perfectionist and critical and always sees opportunities for improvement. For her, quality comes before quantity, and she enjoys working with established names as well as emerging talents. She always derives much satisfaction from the well-deserved appreciation for her work. We are really impressed by Stéphanie's photos and her beautiful vision of her job and are therefore very happy to count her among our partners. We look forward to highlighting her projects on our website and showing our readers more of her work! Header image: Obumex
Images 2 - 4: Blockx Peeters & Van Looveren
Image 5: Obumex
Images 6 - 7: Fierens
Image 8: Atelier 10.8
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Images 10 - 12: Marie Stadsbader


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