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Every realisation is a new inspiration”

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Texture Painting is a total provider and expert in decorative, craft and functional painting techniques and goes beyond the traditional. They create unique and quirky interiors without a doubt.

Our new partner is in the decorative painting business and specialises in painting and covering all kinds of surfaces. Seamless transitions or textured walls and furniture, for every style there is a specific customised application.  As market leader Texture Painting always aims for a good balance between innovative techniques and top quality down to the smallest detail. This way, they bring a unique experience and sense of luxury to every interior. The Texture Painting signature stands for passion, inspiration, quality, experience and outstanding craftsmanship. They are also leaders in the field of exclusive painting and lime techniques. A permanent collection of lime textures with matching colour palette, but also special creations. These are custom-made techniques, in which, in consultation with the customer, a search is made for the ideal technique or texture leading to his or her unique dream wall. By constantly exploring new horizons and developing new techniques, Texture Painting creates a sea of unique decorative possibilities and is always at the forefront of new trends with its innovative method of working. In this way, every interior is transformed into an exclusive total experience. In short, Texture Painting strives to assist each client personally with their expertise and to find a solution that is in line with the customer’s wishes. With each project, they look for a suitable colour palette and appropriate techniques. All craftsmens enjoy certified training and the emphasis is always on professional advice, quality and a unique character.

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