Frako does not only build your kitchen or bathroom but ensures that you love being at home”

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Imagicasa has recently gained a qualitative partner with Frako. What started more then forty years ago with building kitchens has in the meantime evolved to specialised overall design. As an interior builder, Frako is a central player that always hits the mark with high-quality materials and extensive craftsmanship.

It started with building kitchens in the Kempen, Belgium. The latter still stands, but throughout the years the firm has expanded the range to bathrooms, dressings, offices and more. Today, Frako produces complete projects in which they design and build everything themselves. Next to this, the company produces customised results for a wide array of styles; even workplaces can count on their services. Starting from a mission to provide every client with a tailored living experience, Frako still commits to their craft with tireless passion. The qualitative materials and well thought-out design also mean that Frako is right in presenting themselves as interior builders with ‘knowledge of making’. At the same time, the success of Frako depends on the explicit focus on the customer. Therefore, each project starts off with a comprehensive conversation in which the wishes and expectations are meticulously identified. In their showroom everyone’s inspiration is triggered, while in their studio the production is consistently brought to another level with a combination of innovative equipment and profound expertise. Moreover, the business considers it essential to follow the personality and budget of the customer as close as possible. With their skills, namely, every profile can result into something big. Next to helping private individuals, Frako is always happy to support architects, interior designers and product developers in their work. In short, everyone can trust in Frako to transform their house into a pleasant home. Frako does not only build your kitchen or bathroom but ensures that you love being at home. With this young partnership, Imagicasa hopes to present Frako to our readers often and to highlight their future interesting projects.


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