Nils Van der Celen

Nils Van der Celen creates realistic designs that allow the individuality of the customer to take a central position”

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Nils Van der Celen is our newest partner. With his eponymous studio he brings interior- and furniture design to life. His projects neatly fit within Imagicasa’s DNA. Today we extensively present our readers to him and enjoy the start of a lucrative collaboration.

In 2008 Nils Van der Celen graduated in Interior architecture at the Henry Van de Velde institute in Antwerp. After obtaining an additional degree in Milan during the following year, he gained comprehensive experience at several architectural firms. In 2017, however, he decided to become self-employed and make high end residential projects his field of specialisation; in this way, Van der Celen architectural interiors was born. The studio focuses mainly on total interior projects and renovations. The quality and the attention to detail of which each final result comes into existence characterises the large variety of commission that Nils Van der Celen has taken care of up until this point. We spend a considerable part of our life in our own interior. Because of this, a home and its design should be a permanent added value that lies parallel with the vision of the residents. Nils Van der Celen attempts to do this by creating realistic designs that allow the individuality of the customer to take a central position. Even though his designs have a logic and timeless essence, they are the result of a creative and detailed methodology. Moreover, Nils Van der Celen considers it important to provide enough room for the client’s input. By giving a lot of attention to the dynamic between designer and customer, together with his team he works towards the desired end result. During an introductory meeting, Nils Van der Celen exchanges ideas with the customer while delineating the needs and possible questions. Once there is clarity regarding the expectations, the studio switches to the preparatory phase in which all relevant information is gathered. Thereafter, individual ideas are further developed and a first concept is created. The customer feedback ensures that the needed adjustments are made and that the final design is devised. Together with a mood board and realistic 3D visualisations the client can form a really concrete of the actual result. When all expectations and wishes are met, they continue to the realisation. In this phase Nils Van der Celen likewise guarantees that everything happens in a qualitative and detailed way. Our brand new partnership with Nils Van der Celen makes us eagerly look forward to the future. The timeless atmosphere of his designs holds everybody’s attention. His working method exemplifies his profound passion for his craft and undoubtedly, we will be able to show this with the projects the interior architect has on his sleeve. Photography by Cafeine


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