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Jelke De Mey is the founder of SKIN interior design & architecture. With her extensive services she does not only make her clients happy, but in the meantime she is also one of Imagicasa’s partners. Her profound passion for her field of expertise and the urge to create make that she can consistently expand her design bureau further.

In 2014, Jelke De Mey graduated in interior architecture from Sint-Lucas Ghent. Immediately after, she gained experience under the wings of several interior and architecture firms; in addition, she started SKIN interior architecture and design almost instantly. With her office based in Knokke, the interior architect continuously strives to turn everyone’s house into a home. Naturally, this asks for a personal and thoughtful approach. Throughout the years she, therefore, always developed trust with her customers and continuously sharped her eye for detail. The work that Jelke De Mey performs with SKIN has two central incentives: creativity and a feeling for aesthetic. Together with a confident vision, punctuality and eye for detail, these motivations provide for beautiful realisations that make her ideas tangible. Whoever consults Jelke De Meyer may expect a timeless and functional layout with a clear focus on minimal design. Nevertheless, this does not mean the work of SKIN looks empty or impersonal, because it always exudes a distinctive architectural identity and a contemporary elegance. By using natural and qualitative materials, clients are assured of a lasting result that optimally supports them in their living experience. An additional asset of SKIN is that the bureau faces every type of commission with the same enthusiasm. Similarly, the size of the project is of little importance since a new challenge is always welcome. The popularity of Jelke De Meyer and her team shows in the high demand for the services of SKIN. In order to accommodate the growing number of requests, the interior architect developed a few fixed styling formulas that are a convenient guide for the work that clients desire. Namely, there is a choice between a basis formula, a premium formula and a moving formula. These were made because there was a lot of demand for them and therefore they employed someone for this purpose. Irrespective of what it is exactly that you want from Jelke De Mey, her professional yet personal methodology consistently results in a pleasant collaboration and a beautiful total renovation or new construction project. Undoubtedly, our partnership with SKIN is an added value for both parties. The customer-oriented but sophisticated philosophy seamlessly connects with our own values. Imagicasa is of course looking forward to the future projects that SKIN will carry out. Images 2-4: © Annick Vernimmen
Images 5-7: © Annick Vernimmen
Image 8: © Annick Vernimmen
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