Discrete luxury in the open air”

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There are only few stories like Tribù’s. From the sixties onwards, this family business has grown into an absolute pioneer in outdoor furniture. Discrete luxury, inspiration in nature, and simple designs are their familiar habitat. They are a huge added value as our partner, because their expertise and clearly orientated corporate spirit are difficult to match. Therefore, it is an enormous pleasure to introduce them to you.

Outside need not be inferior to inside, especially not if you are acquainted with Tribù’s range. Here, you can choose between an extraordinarily large offer of collections consisting of pool, terrace, and garden furniture, which you can mix with each other without the slightest friction. The team is on a mission to give customers an experience of relaxation, even in a busy lifestyle where moments of calm are rare. From your first introduction to their designs, it is undeniable that they aim to dip luxury in discretion. Namely, their pieces are uncomplicated yet technically well-thought-out. Their colour palette of preference is subtle and seamlessly compatible with nature, while contemporariness and elegance are united in a portfolio that beams with ingenuity. Moreover, each client is guided in a personal way since, at every sale point, experts are happy to join hands to help you in every step of the way. Today, Tribù sells furniture, textiles, and accessories in no less than seventy countries. There is no denying the kingdom that they have built. In order to fully understand their present-day glory, however, we need to go back many decennia in time, to 1966 to be exact. In this year, Henri de Cock founded a business that made outdoor furniture. Quality has been paramount since the beginning and was further explored by the generations that followed. Their feeling for finishing, detail, and sustainability increased incessantly throughout the years. International expansion allowed the initially small family business to grow in leaps and bounds, but possible pains did not have any impact. In the meantime, they exist almost sixty years, an impressive achievement. Nevertheless, the future holds everything but the end. The opposite is true: their road leads right ahead. Each link that Tribù’s furniture passes through characterises itself by a form of expert knowledge you rarely see. Designers, artisans, specialised manufacturers and more are all involved to give you the outdoor pieces that you will enjoy each time like it is the first. Next to the focus on private customers, in the future the business will also concentrate on luxury hotels and special resorts, seeing that their collections do not only fit your home, but also come into their own in dreamy, rare places. They want to make as many people as possible familiar with their range on holiday and in retreats. In their philosophy, outdoor leisure becomes an art, a special moment you want to taste more of each time. There is no second Tribù. With their firmly grounded expertise, they present outdoor collections that give luxury leisure a welcome atmosphere of serenity. We are confident that, in the future, they will take care of a beautiful continuation of what they have realised during the past sixty years. With a lot of enthusiasm and admiration, we join them on the next steps in their adventure. Images courtesy of Tribù


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