Annick Vernimmen

Elegant, fresh, with an eye for detail, and balanced”

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Elegant, fresh, with an eye for detail, and balanced. This is how you can describe the photography style of our new partner Annick Vernimmen. For the photographer, an image is successful when it triggers an emotion in the viewer.

Annick's passion for photography started in her teens. ‘As a child I already enjoyed taking pictures, with my friends and at scout camps I was always the photographer on duty.’However, this was always only as a passion. After studying Applied Economics and obtaining a Master's degree in Marketing Management, Annick started working in the business world. Yet she always missed a challenge, creativity and freedom. ‘For my birthday, my wonderful husband gave me a photography course at Sint-Lucas in Ghent. These three evenings a week for four years fascinated me enormously! My teacher of the second year, Karel Moortgat, inspired me to turn to architectural photography. Of course, this was still a secondary occupation.’ After her second year of photography, Annick began to grow the idea of setting up her own studio. ‘It would be a dream if I could pursue my passion as a job, choose my schedule at the same time and thus be available for my family when they need it. So began my journey towards this objective, first as a secondary job and then a few years later I took the plunge. I haven't regretted it for a moment!’ In her photographs, Annick finds the synergy between the architect or designer and the photographer most important. She sees it as her job to understand the designer's vision and to capture it in her own way. Atmosphere is very important to her. The curiosity, amazement and challenge that Annick gets every time she discovers a new project motivates her the most. She loves to immerse herself in the space she is in and to translate the atmosphere of this space as good as possible from 3D to 2D. Photography is a very complete profession for her. ‘I like being creative and I like the variety. I appreciate both the excitement of going out and discovering something new as well as the peace that comes from the production afterwards. Furthermore, it gives me a lot of flexibility to find the perfect work-life balance.’ Finally, Annick tells us that what she enjoys most is the focus and wonder when she creates. Being completely sucked into the project so she thinks of nothing else. She continues to develop by taking on challenges she's not yet familiar with. We believe Annick will continue to evolve as a photographer for a long time to come and are therefore proud to introduce her as a new partner of Imagicasa! Header image: Banda Property / Obumex, London © Annick Vernimmen (Sabato)
Images 2-3: Obumex, Oostende © Annick Vernimmen
Images 4-6: Tjip, Knokke © Annick Vernimmen
Images 7-8: Obumex, Paris © Annick Vernimmen
Image 9: Tjip, Duinbergen © Annick Vernimmen
Images 10-12: ABS / Kris Van den Broeck, Zwijnaarde © Annick Vernimmen


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