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Family business De Puydt has been active in the fireplace industry for decades and, from now on, they can call themselves Imagicasa’s youngest partner. Their expert knowledge and mastery aroused our enthusiasm and, in the future, we want to share this with our readers. Their message is clear: a fireplace is more than atmosphere and warmth.

More than fifty years ago the story of De Puydt fireplaces began for father Julien De Puydt. The passion for fire was passed on to the son Stefan De Puydt, who managed to redesign the landscape of fireplaces with verve. The architectural and aesthetic aspect is inherent in De Puydt's vision and method. Today, the company offers total solutions where quality, choice of material and finish are subject to the highest standards. The combination of strong architecture, the preference for simplicity and clean lines and the right choice of material are reflected in the many fireplace creations you can find in their showroom in Knokke. There is a wide range of open and sealed wood and gas fireplaces, as well as a range of electric and bioethanol fireplaces. The technical ingenuity ensures that everyone's fireplace and interior can benefit from De Puydt's services. Following a carefully developed methodology and design, the team consistently strives to provide customers with a cosy and atmospheric home. With a strong eye for innovation and much attention to sustainability they deliver fireplaces that lift each room to a higher level. The profound knowledge of De Puydt also translates a wide range of open and closed wood and gas fires, as well as a range of electric and bioethanol fires. For the project market they have expertise in central flues, whereby different gas fires can be connected to one central flue. Each De Puydt fireplace is developed with energy and emission efficiency in mind. Regardless of the fuel used, De Puydt applies the finest techniques. In addition, each fireplace is tailored to the customer's wishes, as the possibilities are endless. In addition to customised fireplaces, they also offer total solutions for your interior. Craftsmanship and pure passion are of paramount importance to them, and this is reflected in their creations and finishing. The wide range of fireplaces can easily be matched with various interior styles that Imagicasa also holds dear, such as minimalism, wabi sabi and brutalism. And if you would like to equip your outdoor space with a fireplace, De Puydt is the place to go too.

Naturally, Imagicasa is proud to welcome De Puydt as a new partner. We look forward to their future projects and advancements that we will be highlighting with great excitement. Whoever is looking for a fireplace will undoubtedly receive the right address from us. Header image: © Annick Vernimmen
Image 2: © Annick Vernimmen
Image 3: © Cafeine
Image 4: © Jan Verlinde
Images 5-7: © Annick Vernimmen

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