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The renowned high-end furniture brand Edra is a true family business that stands for pure Italian excellence. Comfortable, universal and timeless are the fundamental characteristics of their collections, which radiate absolute class and always know how to surprise.

The story of Edra began in 1987 in Tuscany when Valerio and Monica Mazzei, the second generation of a family of furniture makers, founded the company with Massimo Morrozzi as artistic director. The name was derived from the Greek ‘exedra' which means 'meeting place for a philosophical discussion'. The founders invested in innovation and designers with new and exciting ideas, which made Edra a nationally and internationally acclaimed luxury brand. Today, it is known for the top quality of their products that combine artistic tradition with technical research, manual expertise and very high quality materials.

A combination of technical research, manual expertise and very high quality materials ensure top quality

Edra selects the designers and architects who design for them with the company's distinctive values in mind and the relationship with the designers is also very important. One of Edra's first collaborations when it first existed was with the now equally famous late Zaha Hadid (fairly unknown at the time) and the Campana brothers. Today, many other extremely talented designers also design collections and pieces for Edra. Think of Francesco Binfaré, Mario Cananzi & Roberto Semprini, Masanori Umeda, Jacopo Foggini and so on. The furniture and accessories are unique and always have an exclusive and timeless look. The sofas, chairs and other products are made to be experienced with pleasure and remain true heritage pieces. Edra brings beautiful furniture that is not only stylish but also bold and playful because of the often unconventional shapes and materials.

Stylish and at the same time bold and playful with often unconventional shapes and materials

Edra is not only known for its beautiful designs, but also for the innovative solutions they implement in their sofas. In their Development Centre, all steps in the production process are masterfully handled and the technical quality of the materials is certified and always aimed at the highest level of comfort.


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