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Grain Designoffice is a Belgian design studio dedicated to the realisation of residential interiors and branded architecture. The office is located in Knokke and mainly does projects in retail, hospitality and private homes. With their diverse range of services, Grain Designoffice is able to provide each client with a unique result that has been worked out to perfection.

Although the studio is relatively young - it was only officially founded in August 2016 by graphic designer Sander Bullynck and interior architect Nick De Moor - it has already made an impression with work for several big names such as RR Interieur, the Heldentoren in Knokke-Heist, Bouwpromotie by Salt, DVLP (Immo BiS) and more. By the way, it is not only their interior projects that are popular, the studio's graphic design and branding assignments are gradually becoming a sought-after commodity in Belgium. "But what we do most of all is create an atmosphere that people like to stay in and immerse themselves in. We are convinced that when branding and interior are in line, the story we want to tell is strengthened. So it actually makes sense to tackle these two aspects together," Bullynck explains. 

Grain Designoffice works in a refined and minimalistic style, using a wide range of materials. "We certainly don't like clean, but we don't like too rough either," says Sander Bullynck. Wood and metal, for example, is a combination that they regularly use in their designs and that gives a timeless simplicity, but also a contemporary and playful look. This is a style that completely suits Imagicasa and therefore we are very excited to work with this studio.

An important project of the studio, which can be found on our website and in the magazine (Imagicasa Autumn 2020), is the 'home experience store' of RR Interieur. Grain Designoffice worked together with Rik and Sylvie Ruebens to design the interior for their new space in Knokke. The result is a personal and hybrid concept that combines soft furniture and neutral, rough walls. Sander Bullynck and Nick De Moor have also proven their talents abroad with the interior design of a villa and a apartment in Mallorca. Recently, the design studio has also started a new project: a villa near Valencia. We are also looking forward to the two projects that are still in progress, but which look very promising: a villa in Sparrendreef in Zoute and one in Boslaan.  Through this platform, we will certainly keep our readers informed of what Grain Design Office will realise next!

Cover Image: © Grain Office
Images From Top Left to Bottom right:
1-5: Boslaan, © Grain Office
6-9: Heldentoren, © Grain Office
10-12 RR Interieur, © Cafeine
13 RR Interieur, © Piet Albert Goethals
14 RR Interieur, © Cafeine


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