Michiel Van Raemdonck

Letting creativity run free without forgetting the importance of functionality”

  • Architecture & development

Michiel Van Raemdonck is one of Imagicasa’s newest partners. In his work, the architect always takes the interior into account during the design process, which creates a balanced result. Logically, we are happy with this collaboration and like to present our readers to the philosophy of Michiel Van Raemdonck.

In 2011, Michiel Van Raemdonck graduated from the Henry Van de Velde Instituut in Antwerp, Belgium. There, he followed an education that proved to be an excellent choice, considering that he founded his successful business Van Raemdonck Designs in Temse, Belgium after that. Together with his team, Michiel Van Raemdonck provides architectural services that vary from new-builds and renovations to interior design. Architecture and interior are inextricably connected to him; sometimes he carries out commissions where only the interior needs to be taken care of. Throughout his portfolio, it immediately becomes evident that the architect likes to use pure materials with texture. By bringing a tactile character inside, Michiel Van Raemdonck succeeds in incorporating liveliness and imperfection into a space. Furthermore, he often chooses muted tones and a timeless design, through which a simple yet serene whole originates. Michiel Van Raemdonck strives for a personal approach with every commission. By handling his clients with empathy and patience, a lucrative dynamic between client and executor is developed. The location of a project receives his careful attention as well. The first phases of the designs are often intuitive and emotional, which means that the result has an inherent and beautiful authenticity. Other than his connection with the client, Michiel Van Raemdonck often uses several sources of inspiration. For example, the work of architect Dom Hans Van Der Laan and art painter Michaël Borremans can charm him to no end, but he is also fascinated by the charm of rampant nature. By continuously beholding the world through the lens of emotion, the architect lets his creativity run free without abandoning the importance of a functional design.

The work of architect Michiel Van Raemdonck always possesses a strong portion of authenticity and liveliness. His personal and attentive approach make that he delivers careful work that is the result of a collective vision. Imagicasa is happy to welcome him as a partner and looks forward to what the future holds for both parties.

Photography by Marie Houttequiet


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