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Taking her clients' lives to the next level by designing a unique environment in which they can be completely themselves is the goal Mieke Van Herck sets for every design. With a clear vision and a strong team behind her, she realises projects that illustrate a thoughtful and elegant way of living.

Each of the architect’s residential projects is a compelling universe in which architecture, interior and garden design perfectly blend together. In this way, she lifts the living experience of her clients to unprecedented heights. With her extensive expertise, she managed to leave her unique mark on Belgian architecture in recent years. Her portfolio is a beautiful reflection of her distinctive style and brings inspiration to anyone who glances at it. Designs by her hand always guarantee a number of characteristics. One of these is the sleek architecture that is combined with warm, contemporary interiors. The seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living, the careful selection of high-quality materials, and the advanced detailing at every stage of the project bring about a successful result. At the same time, each project forms a unique answer to the life of its residents. After all, a home should perfectly suit the way they live, and a personal approach is therefore paramount. During the realisation of these luxurious designs, the architect can count on a loyal, multidisciplinary team that carefully follows the house identity and the highest standards. Through smooth collaborations, both internally and with the client, the team strives for a unique and sophisticated way of innovation in how we live. Next to the design, they carry out the construction process internally. The fact that they can guide the entire chain, including architecture, interior and garden design, certainly is a big asset. The team mainly focuses on residences, but in the past, they also successfully designed a restaurant. In 2022, Mieke Van Herck was ready to bring her vision on living abroad and realise her first international residential projects. The sky clearly is the limit for this ambitious architect, and Imagicasa only welcomes that. With great enthusiasm, we present her work to our readers.

Photography by Annick Vernimmen


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