Laura Calleeuw

Conjuring emotions when entering a room”

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The work of interior architect Laura Calleeuw embodies everything Imagicasa loves: simplicity, luxury and personality. Today we present her as our newest partner and we are proud of that. With her comprehensive approach and delicate style, she is undoubtedly a great contribution where we can hopefully establish a lasting relationship with.

The projects of Laura Calleeuw always start from the architectural lines with which she develops perspective, proportions and spatiality. For the interior architect, it is indispensable that the architecture exudes the desired tranquillity and that the interior and the exterior of a project consistently enhance the other. By following aesthetic, functionality and personality, Laura Calleeuw also succeeds in expressing her creative vision in a design that simultaneously maximally respects the client’s wishes. Due to her sharp spatial understanding and people skills, Laura Calleeuw is able to quickly and effectively form an idea of the final concept; then, with her team she develops a realistic schedule that guarantees the satisfaction of the customer and ensures the optimal result. By focusing on an empathic approach and an open communication, the interior architect guarantees everyone a careful result that closely follows the initial wishes and expectations. Furthermore, Laura Calleeux defines her unique aesthetic through her thoughtful choice of materials and extensive finishing. Namely, her final goal is always to evoke emotions when entering a room. By exploring and experiencing textures and colours, she knows like no other the value of creating a blissful feeling through interior architecture. More specifically, Laura Calleeuw likes to experiment with different painting techniques and kinds of wood. Next to this, natural stone such as marble has her preference. Without exception, her designs contain a luxurious calmness and inviting warmth. Considering that she herself gains a lot of inspiration from the work of Nathalie De Boel, Imagicasa is not surprised that Laura Calleeuw achieves a similar atmosphere in her projects. Nevertheless, she is also a great example herself for those who identify with the story that she brings out with her qualitative designs and intuitive insight. Imagicasa has undoubtedly gained a valuable partner with interior architect Laura Calleeuw. We look forward to highlighting her future projects and are convinced that they will continue the excellent reputation that she has already built. In the meantime, we return to her previous works and remind ourselves of the beauty of wealthy simplicity that she summons. Visualisations by ZICHT


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